Buffet Menu

Dog and Duck Buffet Options

Sandwiches or Rolls
- Chicken Mayo
- Ham
- Cheese and Pickle
- Tuna Mayo


£12.50 per head:

Sausage Rolls, Chicken
Goujons, Coleslaw, Mini Sausages, Quiche,
Satay Chicken, Samosas, Large bowl of Fries,
Large Bowl of Sweet Potato Fries.

£15 Per head:

Sliced Beef, Sliced Ham, Sausage
Rolls, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Cheese board,
Crusty bread and butter, Whitebait, Quiche,
Samosas, Large bowl of Fries, Large bowl of
Sweet Potato Fries.

BBQ £12.50

per head: Sausages, Beef Burgers,
Vegetarian Burger, Coleslaw, Cheese, Onions,